Gummy Smile – Gummy Smile Treatment

The excessive appearance of the gums during speaking or laughing is called a gummy smile (Gummy Smile). Normally, the gums should appear very thin during speaking and laughing, but in Gummy Smile, the gums are much more prominent and thicker. In this case, which sometimes limits the desire to smile, the harmony between teeth, gums and lips is disrupted.

Gingival botox procedure is performed for a gingival smile that disrupts the smile and reveals
aesthetic need. When the upper teeth and gums are disturbed by the excessive appearance of the upper teeth and gums while smiling, when it is necessary to close the mouth while smiling, gingival botox provides a simple non-surgical solution. In an ideal smile, it is desired that the gums are not visible. Especially in women, the upper 2 incisors, which are longer, are more visible when smiling, adding an extra charm.

What are the Causes of Gummy Smiles?

    • Inadequately erupted teeth
    • Excessively mobile upper lip
    • Gingival inflammation
    • Small tooth height
    • Thinner than normal upper lip
    • Hypermobility of the upper lip muscle
    • Overgrowth of the bone in the upper jaw
    • Abnormally vertical development of the upper jaw
      • It may be caused by gingival growths due to the use of certain medications.

Gummy Smile – Who Can Have Gummy Smile Botox?

Gummy Smile botox can be done by all women and men who are over the age of 18 and have
gummy smile problems in their gums.

Gummy Smile – Who Cannot Have Gummy Smile Treatment?

Gummy Smile botox is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women because their
hormones are irregular. After the pregnancy and breastfeeding period has passed, this
procedure can be done with peace of mind.

Gummy Smile – Who Performs Gummy Smile Botox?

Gummy Smile Botox is an aesthetic application. Therefore, as with all other aesthetic
applications, Gummy Smile Botox should be applied by a specialist medical aesthetic doctor,
plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

Gummy Smile – How is Gummy Smile Botox Treatment Performed?

The purpose of Gummy Smile Botox is to eliminate the aesthetic disorder that causes the gums to appear while laughing. The procedure is applied to the sides of the nostrils. In this context, the procedure area is first numbed with anesthetic cream. After sterilization, clostridium botulinum (botox) is injected at 2 or 5 points depending on the size of the problem.

Botox begins to show its effect within 3-4 days and shows its full effect in about two weeks. By activating the muscles in the upper lip, it enables the upper lip to cover the gum without preventing smile and lip movements. Thus, the gums are not visible when smiling, only the teeth are visible.

Gummy Smile – What Should Be Considered Before Gummy Smile Treatment?

Regularly used medications, pregnancy status and existing diseases should be reported to the
doctor, if blood thinners, muscle relaxants and antibiotics are used, their use should be suspended 1 week in advance with the knowledge of the doctor.

What Should Be Considered After Gummy Smile Botox?

      • Make-up should not be applied on the same day,
      • Water should not be touched for the first 1-2 hours,
      • Alcohol intake should be avoided,
      • You can take a shower in normal temperature water,
      • Heavy exercises should be avoided for the first 5 days,
      • Botox area should not be massaged for the first 5 days,
        • Behaviors that restrict jaw and lip movements should be avoided,
        • In the first 5 days, extremely hot and steamy environments such as baths and saunas
          should be avoided.

Gum Smile – Gummy Smile Botox Are There Side Effects of Botox?

If the skin of people who have Gummy Smile botox is sensitive, mild redness, swelling or bruising may occur in the procedure area. Ice treatment should be applied for 1-2 hours to prevent these effects. If an overdose of botox is used, some lip movements may also be affected. Therefore, these procedures should be performed by a specialist doctor.

Gummy Smile – What is the Recovery Process After Gummy Smile Botox?

Gummy Smile Botox application provides excellent results and smiles for the vast majority of patients. It is an extremely useful and fast procedure. However, we cannot say that it is the right choice for everyone. Your doctor decides the most suitable treatment method for you by considering your needs.

Gummy Smile Botox application is completed in 15 minutes. The discomfort felt during the injection is minimal. Since the injection needle is small and there are no complications, the person can quickly return to his daily life routine. There is no need for a healing process.

Gummy Smile – When is the effect of Gummy Smile Botox visible?

The effect of the Gummy Smile procedure begins to be seen within 3-4 days.

Gummy Smile – How Long Does Gummy Smile Botox Last?

The effect of Gummy Smile botox lasts for four months and the effect starts to decrease from the fourth month. In the sixth month, the botox completely melts and the appearance returns to its original state.

Gummy Smile – Gummy Smile Botox Prices

The prices of Gummy Smile botox treatment vary depending on the area of application and the amount of botox used. Low-priced applications are due to the use of poor quality botox brands. For this reason, the quality of the botox to be used and the experience of the doctor is an important detail.