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Esthetician Dentist Aslı ÇOBAN Clinic

Esthetician Dentist Aslı ÇOBAN was born in Istanbul in 1985 and completed her secondary education at Private Kültür Science High School with high degrees. He successfully completed his higher education at Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry and graduated in 2008.

He completed Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentists Health Institute “Dental Diseases and Treatment” master’s degree program with honors in 2010.

Aslı Çoban Oral and Dental Health Clinic, which was established in 2008 under the license of Aesthetician Dentist Aslı ÇOBAN and started to serve in Bakırköy, Istanbul, has brought health to thousands of local and foreign patients with its expert and talented dentists and healthcare personnel.

Aslı Çoban Oral and Dental Health Clinic offers patients a high quality, reliable and personalized boutique health service in a comfortable clinical environment with advanced technology. It provides health services, especially oral and dental health treatments, preventive dentistry applications, aesthetic dentistry applications, dental and gum diseases treatment, teeth whitening, implant and prosthesis applications.

Esthetician Dentist Aslı ÇOBAN; “The amount of care that each person receives is personalized and of the highest quality, so my goal as a dentist is to ensure that every patient leaves my clinic satisfied and easy.” 


Turkish Dental Association Congress 2008

Osse-Der 7th Osseointegration Congress 2009

6th International Quintessence Symposium 2008

14th International Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry 2010

10th International Turkish Dental Association Congress 2008

12th International Aesthetic Dentists Association Congress 2008

8th International Quintessence Symposium 2011

18th International Dental Association Congress 2011

16th International Dental Congress and Jaw Joint Diseases Course 2009

Ytü Dilad Quintessence December 11-12, 2009

30.10.2012 Kanaltürk Healthy Life with Ender Saraç

23.12.2013 Show Tv Hayata Dokunmak Lazim

XIIIth International Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry 2009

14th International Congress of Aesthetic Dentistry 2010

101st FDI World Dental Congress 2013

EDAD 2015

Digital Smile Design Hans On Course 2015

Who is Aslı Çoban ?

Aslı Çoban Dental Clinic

Aslı Çoban Dental Clinic