Tooth Crystal

A dental crystal is a crystal glued to the tooth surface that adds sparkle to your smile. If desired, a dental diamond can also be used. These are dental accessories attached to the tooth.

How is a Tooth Crystal Attached?

It is glued to the visible surface of the tooth you want by your dentist with special adhesives without abrasion on the tooth surface.

How to Wear a Tooth Diamond?

Dental diamond is a natural stone and its bonded surface is sharp. In order to adapt this sharp surface to the tooth, a small abrasion is made on the tooth surface in the diameter of the sharp part of the diamond. Special adhesive is applied between the tooth and the diamond.

Where Can I Get a Tooth Crystal?

Dental crystal is applied by the specialized dentist by bonding it to the visible surface of the desired tooth with a special adhesive called composite bonding without any abrasion on the tooth surface. There is no need for any care other than standard oral care for dental crystals and dental diamonds that do not cause any harm to the teeth.