Porcelain Laminate Veneer

Smiling is the most important icebreaker in communication. We can also call it the golden rule of communication. For this reason, people want to have an effective and beautiful smile as well as healthy teeth.

Keşfedin-Discover the Secret of Beautiful Smiles with Leaf Porcelain

One of the most important factors that disrupt the aesthetics of the smile is the shape and discoloration of the teeth. While fillings and porcelain veneers used to be the solution in such cases, now leaf porcelains are replacing these treatments.

What is Lamina – Leaf Porcelain?

Leaf porcelain, in other words porcelain lamina, are porcelain leaf layers that are adhered to the tooth by removing minimum tooth tissue only from the front surface of the teeth. In this method, unlike classical porcelain crowns, minimal tissue is removed from the tooth and the gums are not damaged. For this reason, it is the most protective treatment option.

Is Lamina – Leaf Porcelain Aesthetic?

Yes, it has a very aesthetic and natural appearance. It is possible to change the color and shape of the teeth permanently by preparing these leaflets in desired colors, sizes and shapes. Porcelain lamina gives results that cannot be distinguished from real teeth with its very thin, metal-free and light transmission properties.

How is Lamina – Leaf Porcelain Applied?

The procedure is very simple and takes a short time. After the teeth are prepared in the mouth, impressions are taken from the patient. After the leaf porcelains are prepared in the laboratory environment, they are adhered to the teeth with a special technique and adhesive material.

What are the Advantages of Lamina – Leaf Porcelain?

Lamina – the advantages of sheet porcelain;

  • It has a very fine structure,
  • It has a very high light transmittance,
  • They have high resistance to abrasion,
  • It does not change color with external factors such as coffee, tea and cigarettes.

Who is Lamina – Leaf Porcelain Applied to?

  • People with broken front teeth
  • People with a level difference between their teeth
  • People with gaps between their teeth
  • People who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth
  • People with discoloration in their front teeth due to large fillings
  • People whose front teeth are so short that they are not visible at all during laughter
  • People whose front surfaces of their teeth are worn down due to various reasons
  • People with crowded teeth who do not want to undergo orthodontic treatment
  • People with discolored teeth who cannot get results with whitening
  • It is easily applied to people who want to have a beautiful smile without damaging their teeth.